Why Did Diana And Elton Have A Fight

Why did Princess Diana have a big feud with Elton John?


Lady Diana, the current Princess of that time and Sir Elton Hercules John, one of the best-selling music artists had a unique relationship. The two had a very unlikely friendship, crossing each other’s ways in a very unreal way. The two, however, ended up in rather peculiar way in which one fell out of the friendship after a huge feud.

Elton’s connection with the royal family dated back to the 70s due to the royal family being a huge fan of his music, thereby getting invited to various events of the family. One fine day in 1981, the royals had hired him to play his music at a party and since he had arrived a little early, one of the few people he found at the palace was Lady Diana, therefore he too got a chance to dance with her. They became best friends soon after this dance, however, after a time, the things got worse and the friendship between the two got broken and it never got rekindled either.

After the release of a book Rock and Royalty, the feud officially began between the two where Diana could not control her anger and was suspecting her friend to have used her. “She was very worried that her involvement in the book would upset the Queen,” told a royal insider. “Diana was furious because she felt she’d been used and misled.”

The book had obscene photographs of naked men seen together with the royal family and Diana was worried that such a book would upset the queen. John was kind of involved in the act too and Diana got really upset on this. This had gone to such an extent that she did not speak to his such good friend for around six months. On the other hand, Versace, a very famous designer tried to reconcile the two in whatever way he could.

After the designer was murdered by Andrew Cunanan, a serial killer, Diana called John. The two were even spotted sitting next to each other in Versace’s funeral as well where Diana had her hand on John’s shoulder and was continually seen consoling her friend. The two reconciled but the reconciliation was, however, very short-lived as about six weeks later, Lady Diana was tragically killed in a horrifying car accident. At her funeral, Elton too performed a yodeling Candle in the Wind, for his friend, creating a moment that has gone down into the history books as well.

The two did have a fight and they did not speak for several months, but soon the two did reunite as well and shared a great, yet short-lived reunion.