The Countess of Snowdon- Princess Margaret

Princess Margaret Rose was born on 21st of August,1930 in Angus, Scotland.  She was the youngest daughter of King George VI (Albert Frederick Arthur George) and Queen Elizabeth (Mother Elizabeth). Margaret had an only elder sister, Elizabeth Alexandra Mary who is also known as Queen Elizabeth II. 


  • Childhood of Princess Margaret: 

The princess was fond of swimming and playing piano in her childhood.


  • The Time Period of World War And Royal Family: 

Margaret was only 6-year-old when her father became the King and her sister got the throne ship with Margaret next in the line. When the Second World War happened, both Margaret and her elder sister Alexandra were suggested to shift to Canada, but both stayed at Windsor Castle (Royal residence in United Kingdom). Since Margaret was very young during the World War, she only continued her studies and was not handed over with any duties. 

In 1945, The World War ended and in 1952 The King George left the world sorrowful. Now the Kingdom was all up on Margaret’s elder sister the Queen Elizabeth II. 


  • The Love Life Of Margaret: 

At the age of 22, Margaret fell in love with a Captain named Peter Townsend who was already married to Rosemary, an artist. Later Captain Townsend got romantically involved with Margaret and divorced Rosemary. He too proposed Margaret but the Government did not find him a suitable husband for the Margaret. She later married Antony Armstrong, a photographer by profession, in 1960. Antony was made The Earl of Snowdon in 1961 by The Queen while the two were also blessed by a son and a daughter, Sarah and David. 


  • Divorce between The Countess of Snowdon & The Earl of Snowdon:

In 1978, the relationship of Margaret and Antony got scandalised when they took divorce from each other and Margaret was found involved with so many other men. This was the first divorce ever in the Royal Family in the past 400 years. 


  • Some Good Works and successes: 

-She was the President of the National society for the prevention of cruelty on children. 

– President of Royal Ballet.

-Was appointed as Commander in Chief of several Military Units.

-Was involved in more than 70 charitable organisations.

-Was awarded the Royal Victorian Chain in 1990. 


  • Health Issues:

Margaret became a smoker and her health got severely affected. She was diagnosed with pneumonia and her left lung was removed. Her health got more worse in following years accompanied by strokes. She also met an accident. 


  • Departure from The World:

With the decreasing health she got her third and the most severe stroke and died on February 9th, 2002 in King Edward VII Hospital, London. 

After more than a whole decade she was found to be a part of a very famous drama “The Crown” and a series called “Elizabeth” in which Queen Elizabeth approved about her sister’s relationship with Townsend.