Princess Diana’s apartment at Kensington Palace


Princess Diana stole the nation’s heart during her short reign as a public figure. The Princess of Wales was eminent for her devotion to motherhood and is arguably the greatest style icon of the 20th century. What you might not know, though, is that Diana was also a dab hand at interior designs.

She moved into Apartments 8 and 9 in Kensington Palace after marrying Prince Charles at age of 20 and joined forces with renowned interior designer Dudley Poplak to turn three floors of the Palace into a home that reflected her personal style, whilst also honoring the building’s heritage. The results are related to her traditional yet daring fashion sense…


  • The Drawing room:

Diana selected pale yellow color for the walls in the drawing room and decorated them with a large tapestry and a floral printed rug. She added to this rather unique design with multi-colored cushions on one sofa, and a soft orange armchair with fringing at the bottom side. Much like Prince William and Kate’s home, the furniture was finished with gold lacquer.

The family also had a black grand piano in the room with a velvet green stool. Diana kept family photos framed on top of the piano.

  • The Sitting room: 

The sitting room doubled up as Diana’s workspace and had a large wooden desk at one end. Decorations were particularly feminine, with a pastel blue and pink color scheme and frilly curtains and cushions. She kept her books in a large white bookcase that matched the white carpet, and a white lampshade on one side table, which showed how tidy and arranged the apartment was. Diana kept the room very homely with more family photos on the mantelpiece above the fireplace.

  • The Dining room:

The dining room was a bit less feminine and featured a darker color scheme with deep crimson-red curtains and a dark green dining table.


  • The playroom:

Prince William and Prince Harry had the entire top floor of the family home, consisting of a playroom and separate bedrooms. Luxury children’s design company Dragons and Walton Street put the space together, and went for a red, white and green color scheme, with a strawberry print carpet, which attracts and excites all the kids. 


  • After Diana’s Death:

After Diana passed away, the royals took a year to clear out her apartment, putting away all traces of the Princess.  Furniture and personal items were given to family and friends and some were put in storage. Other valuable items like paintings and antiques on loan from the Royal Trust were given back.  Her jewelry which was on loan for her lifetime by the Queen was also returned. The apartment remained empty until prince Charles used it as an office.