Michael Stone Talks About Princess Diana

Michael stone talks about Princess Diana’s mission in Angola

Outstanding humanitarian Michael Stone, who was tasked in 1997 with the aid of the red cross to steer Princess Diana on her venture in Angola, has spoken out for the first time of this historic occasion in a one-of-a-kind interview to mark her twentieth death anniversary in 2017. Michael found out how Diana executed what bureaucrats had didn’t do in 30 years on her four-day journey. He said that she always told him that a picture is worth a thousand words and I would say that it could be a million words.

He explained that by walking through that cleared minefield, she highlighted the dangers ordinary people had been facing every day, demonstrating that there is a difference of only the split second between life and death. He said that the key to her courage is that she didn’t have to do any of this, but she did it because she wanted to help save lives and limbs of the people who could anyway become the victim of a landmine. For him, it was the greatest humanitarian trip if there could have ever been.

When Michael was asked to organize the Princess’s trip to Angola by the Red Cross, he would go to the Kensington Palace for briefing, he and Diana’s personal bodyguard walked in advance every part of her journey. He remembered that they had to make sure of her safety in all possible ways. For instance in one area, one can see a mine sticking out of the fenced border. If you’d put a wrong step, it would have gone off. He recollected that at that time, Diana gave a statement upon arriving in Angola. She said that the international community must work together for an end to the use of these weapons. Because these devices injure innocent victims who might simply be playing or working in the fields. She added further that estimates suggest that up to 2,000 people every month are killed or seriously injured by mines around the world and that’s roughly one person every 20 minutes. Diana made a great impact around the globe by walking through the cleared landmine area before the international media.

According to Michael, she was very moved by what she saw. He said he remembers describing to her the multiple operations a child would face who’d lost a limb. He added that usually, the injury is so serious that there’s no time to get any medical aid and they will bleed to death or die of shock. He said that he had seen her listen to it very carefully and understand the seriousness of the situation. He said that he could see her concerned as she is a mother to two young boys. She turned into imagining herself within the same role as the mothers of those children, and there have been tears in her eyes.

Her effect on the people she encountered was so heart touching. Because their faces lit up with joy when they saw her, he added. She tried to boost the courage of everyone up because she was smiling and giving them hope. Meeting with the landmines survivors gave them something like relief, a moment joy, and peace from an unimaginable fear for the future. Diana had a special soft heart. She was very affectionate, and that was very important because it was a clear connection to those people who were suffering, as fellow human beings.