Who I was born to be!! The Saga of a Lady Who is Internationally Regarded as Princess Diana's American Aunt


“My Dearest Darling Ann,
I know one day you will have this book in your possession, maybe after I have passed from this world. There is something I must tell you, love.
Please try to understand. I just have to get this off my chest.
Charlie was not your biological father.
I fell in love with Lord Fermoy, and we had you as a result.
He was married, and I was just a commoner.
There was nothing we could do…”

Until her mother’s death in 1995, Ann D. Ukrainetz believed herself to be the legitimate daughter of her British commoner parents, Evelyn and Charles Rudderforth. However, in looking through her late mother’s memoirs, in 1999, Ann subsequently discovered a letter of confession written by her mother which asserted that her biological father was Edmund Maurice Burke Roche, 4th Baron Fermoy. 4th Baron Fermoy was Princess Diana’s maternal grandfather, as well as King’s Lynn, Norfolk, England, Mayor and conservative member of the British Parliament, at the time of Ann’s birth and youth. Ann’s mother, Evelyn, kept this secret of Ann’s illegitimate birth throughout Ann’s entire life and had earlier penned this confession letter for Ann to read following Evelyn’s 1995 death. Ann has, since this discovery, diligently sought ways to ascertain her true parentage. This has involved well over twenty years of documentary/investigative research into her childhood and the history of the Fermoy family, both British and American lines.

The memoir Buckingham Palace might not want you to see

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Who I was born to be: The Saga Of A Lady Who Is Internationally Regarded As Princess Diana's American Aunt

Is the true story of what happens next:
  • Ann’s quest to explore her biological father’s trans-Atlantic family history. Her dad was an English Baron with close ties to the British Royal Family.
  • Ann reflects on her British upbringing and the Friday home visits by the curious “Insurance Man.”
  • Ann discovers the reasons for her rushed departure from England in 1955 at the time of Baron Fermoy’s death
  • Ann re-examines the true roles of the parents she knew- Evelyn and Charles Rudderforth
  • Ann takes off on a journey back to her birthplace of King’s Lynn, England.
  • Ann forms new perspectives on love affairs
  • Ann acquires new views on Royal out-of-wedlock children
  • Ann newly recommits to an expression of love and affection for her long-lost niece, Princess Diana-The Peoples’ Princess
  • Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s marriage- A source of inspiration for their great auntie Ann?


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