Inside Princess Diana and Princess Anne

Inside Princess Diana and Princess Anne’s Christmas Fight

Everybody knows that Princess Diana was a charm that anybody could hardly resist. She was ‘people’s champion’ and in a more accurate sense the ‘conqueror of the hearts’. She was such a charming personality that everybody loves her. 

Her beauty, charm, and love brought her to the royal palace. Princess Diana joined the royal family when she married Prince Charles in 1981 and assumed the title of princess of whales. As soon as she assumed the title of princess of Wales, she became a well-loved personality. When she would walk out with her sons, everybody loved to have a glimpse of her cherished personality, even the royals could hardly resist her charms. 

Although she was well known for her to go after own heart personality sometimes she had to follow the odd quirk royal codes and sometimes she had problems following them. This happened on one royal Christmas Eve. 

On Christmas Day it was a royal tradition to present each other with the funnier gifts. The rule was ‘the funnier the better’ and every member of the royal family would like to compete out each other in giving the funnier gift. For example, once Prince Harry presented Prince Williams with the gift of comb although Prince Williams had not left with much hair on the head, so the comb was of no use for him now, but it was a good joke anyway and it was according to the royal code. 

Similarly, once the Duchess of Cambridge gave Prince Harry a ‘Grow Your Own Girlfriend Kit’ although he had not much needed that one, but it was a funnier gift and according to the occasion and tradition. 

Although Princess Diana was lively and she would love to buy his sons the funnier and nicer clothes and gifts, for example, she would buy stuff for the kids that make them more comfortable in public and not look too odd to get into the public, she once bought a fake dog poo gift for the younger Prince Harry because she wanted to see her sons happy faces.

But on that particular Christmas day, it is said that the Princess had missed the point somehow or she was probably not aware of the royal code or nobody had told her about the royal tradition and she gave a ‘serious gift’ to princess Anne, thinking it was a good and suitable gift for her sister in law. And it was a gift of the cashmere jumper, although the gift was a nicer one it was not so nicer to be according to the royal tradition, so in return, Princess Anne gave Princess Diana the gift of a loo-roll holder. Some said that Princess Diana received it the following year when she gave a funnier gift of a bathmat in leopard print to Fergie. Well whatever the situation it was, but it is clear that Princess Diana had been insulted somehow and it didn’t end up well. It ended in a feud between Princess Diana and Princess Anne. 

The exchange of Christmas Day gifts has been a German tradition that began during Queen Victoria’s age and continued to the present day. Only the Royal family members would exchange funnier gifts with one another. But when it comes to the people outside the Royal family, obviously they would get a really nicer gift with the insignia or emblem of the royalties and would feel honored to have them with them for life.