Five facts about Kate Middleton’s Engagement Ring

The Clarence House, on 16th November,2010 announced that the royal family’s Prince William and his girlfriend, Kate Middleton, were engaged. One of the things that stole the limelight of the engagement was the giant rock on Kate’s left ring finger. The absolute stunning sapphire and diamond ring originally belonged to Lady Diana and was valued at nearly $400,000. 

Here are five facts about the engagement ring:


  • The touching meaning

The extremely precious and pricey sapphire ring that the Prince gave to his lady originally belonged to his mom, Lady Diana who had died in a tragic car accident back in 1997. The Prince too acknowledged that the ring would mark his mom’s presence at the wedding even if she was not alive anymore.


  • Loads of carats

The ring is very precious not only in the terms of how pricey it is, but also in the terms of how bright and beautiful it looked. The ring consisted of a 12-carat oval shaped blue sapphire that was cut into pieces and was surrounded by fourteen pieces of diamonds. The ring’s setting was also made from 18000 white gold as well.


  • Royal Blue Engagement Outfit to Match the Ring

A few hours prior to the official engagement ceremony, when Kate and Prince Harry were questioned in an interview, Kate wore an extremely dazzling sapphire blue silk jersey, which beautifully matched with her very precious ring. The dress was designed by the Duchess’s favorite designer brand, ISSA and the dress too got sold out within a matter of hours right after the engagement ceremony took place. The Duchess absolutely looked gorgeous in her dress, alongside that very precious ring that she wore.


  • The Ring was Resized for the Bride

Just when Kate received the ring from her Beau, the ring was slightly oversized, and it kept sliding and slipping on her finger. The royal family therefore approached the Crown Jeweler, G. Collins and Sons in order to resize the ring.  The ring was thus resized from size I to H by placing platinum beads on the inner side of the ring.


  • The ring moved from the father to the sons and from the younger to the elder

After Lady Diana’s and Prince Charles’s divorce, Diana returned her engagement ring to her former husband and was stored in the Kensington Palace from thereon. After the tragic death of their mother, the sons were allowed by their father to bequeath the souvenirs and mementos from their mother’s possessions. Prince Harry had earlier taken the ring while Prince William had taken the Gold Cartier watch. Later, when William had decided to propose to his love of his life, the brothers exchanged their mementos so that the elder brother could give it to his bride-to-be.