Earl Charles Spencer-biography

Earl Charles Spencer was born on May 20, 1964, in the house of John and Frances Spencer. He had four siblings Sarah, Jane, Diana, and John. Diana later became a princess by marrying Prince Charles. While his older brother, John died within hours of his birth. His godmother is his sister Diana’s former mother-in-law, well known as Queen Elizabeth II.

Charles was a shy kid who didn’t have that many friends. So, he spent much of his childhood in the house which his parents received at their marriage from his maternal grandparents. The place is called “Park House” and is near one of the Queen’s houses.

When he was relatively young, his parents divorced very bitterly. His grandmother actually gave testimony against her own daughter, so that Earl John Spencer’ received custody of all four of his children.

Years later, Charles followed in his sister’s footprints, and attended boarding schools and matriculated at Oxford University. 

During this time, he also gained a title, which gave him the confidence to do better in life. After the late 1970s death of his grandfather, he became Viscount Althorp and his father became the Eighth Earl Spencer. His father was remarried, to Raine Legge, a beautiful lady and the daughter of romance author Dame Barbara Cartland.

In the late 1980s, Charles came across a model named Catherine Victoria Lockwood, known as Victoria. Charles and Victoria married on August 16, 1989. Their union was far from easy, though. Shortly after the marriage, Victoria discovered that Charles had an affair with a journalist and wasn’t happy. The two were able to reconcile, eventually having four children: 

  • Lady Kitty Spencer 
  • Lady Eliza Victoria Spencer 
  • Lady Katya Amelia Spencer, known as Amelia
  • Louis Frederick John Spencer, Viscount Althorp, heir to the earldom.

All the children were entitled to be called Lady or Viscount in 1992, when Charles acceded as 9th Earl Spencer, after the death of his father, Earl John Spencer, 8th Earl Spencer. Which shows from which family they belong to. 

After the death of their father, Princess Diana separated from Prince Charles and asked him if she could use the cottage on the Althorp estate. Charles didn’t want her to use it, so, he denied Diana’s request immediately, precipitating a split between the two siblings. Shortly, Charles moved his family to South Africa. In South Africa, the marriage continued to deteriorate as both couldn’t trust each other and often argued for small things. After all, they got divorced in December 1997.

Shortly before his first divorce, came terrible news for the extended Spencer family and the nation, the August 1997 death of Princess Diana. Which was very shocking for the whole family?  After Diana’s death, Charles returned to England to take care of Althorp, and to spend some time with his nephews, Prince William and Prince Harry, who were his favorites. During this time, he met Caroline Hutton Freud, a graceful lady and the ex-wife of the great-grandson of Sigmund Freud. They married on December 15, 2001, and along with his four children and her two children, the family welcomed the birth of their offspring Edmund Charles Spencer, born on October 6, 2003.