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We are a passionate group of international educators, researchers, lawyers and Barristers, academicians, faith-based investigators and Royals genealogists dedicated to bringing the British Royal Family more fully into the 21st century by shining a light on biological off-spring they have failed to recognize.  Of all the world’s Royal families, the British Royal Family is perhaps the most reluctant to acknowledge their love children born of out- of- wedlock affairs.  Covering up such births, indeed, has been the callous and convenient practice of various British Kings, Queens, Dukes, Earls and Lords or Barons throughout English history.  Though the British Royals may wish it were so, it’s no one’s secret, then or now, that there are those who bear the scars of being outcast, languishing in the shadows of existence. In contrast, we are proud of the actions of Prince Albert of Monaco, who, despite his initial reticence to own up to and embrace his illegitimate children, has now set a noble standard by forthrightly investigating paternity claims and publicly acknowledging all of his biological children.


We feel it’s time to unlock the gates in England and give due to account to at least one such person whose name is Ann D. Ukrainetz, born in King’s Lynn, England in 1943, as Ann Doreen Rudderforth. Ann has recently become a proud American citizen. Hopefully, Ann’s story will inspire others like you to lend support and even come forward to share your own (‘’Me Too”) experiences and insights in our forums. We are absolutely pro Royal, and in no way do we seek to besmirch the British Royal Family. All of our content will be dedicated to truth, fact, and light, and done so in a tasteful manner that is respectfully deferent of all parties about whom we make commentary. * Please note that any offensive or inappropriate comments posted by users on this website and/or on our social media platforms will be deleted and the user may be blocked.

Rather than air our views and claims via the mainstream media, and further subject our findings and pleas to chronic media bias and distortion, our social media campaign is herein established to take our case directly to the international public and leave it up to you to ascertain the validity of our findings. A few years ago, one global media outlet printed a headline grabbing front- page story that alleged that “Prince Harry’s American Aunt says Harry and Meghan’s marriage wouldn’t last five years. “ Ms. Ukrainetz never, ever said any such thing. While she rightly cautioned Meghan Markle on the intense scrutiny to which she would be subjected  by Royals insiders, as well as the press, Ms. Ukrainetz’ wished Meghan and Harry all the best as newlyweds.  In 2018, tabloid stories again surfaced regarding Ms. Ukrainetz’s purported wish to consider an exhumation of a close relative of her late father, [who, in our opinion was 4th Baron Maurice Fermoy], as a last resort in order to prove paternity. This too was a distortion of her words and intent, as Ms. Ukrainetz would never seriously want to disturb the sacred remains of any deceased person.



Exposing, what in our opinion is a cover up, may serve to democratize the British royal family and challenge their professed Christian faith, hold the British government  accountable and grant countless illegitimate children and commoners, world-wide, an opportunity to have rights to family, which the British government professes to embrace.  Ann is a powerfully committed and well versed life-long Lutheran Christian, whose story, when shared in England and World-wide, will hopefully engender a rebirth of Christian faith, in a Britain where some say churches are near empty, while mosques and other houses of worship are overflowing. Might we use Ann’s story as a vessel for a greater spiritual good?


Please take a moment to peruse through this website and see all we have assembled. There is a page where you can shop and purchase Ann’s memoir and another where you may purchase her children’s’ eBooks. In yet another section entitled “Songs in the Key of Ann’s Life,” she shares her vocal abilities.


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