10 ways Kate Middleton is like Princess Diana

When Prince William got married to Kate Middleton, people all over the social media, and even the royal family started comparing Kate with the former Princess, Lady Diana. Although, the Duchess of Cambridge had never met her mother-in-law but they have more in common than just belonging to the Windsor family. 

1.They both rose into royalty: 

Lady Diana grew up in a noble family and she married not only a prince but the heir apparent as an ordinary English woman. Kate Middleton started from even humbler beginnings-her parents worked as a flight dispatcher and flight attendant before founding their company.

2.They both covered their heads when they visited Muslim countries:

In Pakistan in 1996 and in Malaysia in 2012, Diana and Kate; respectively, paired a beautiful headscarf with a buttoned white dress.

3.Diana and Kate had real jobs:

Diana worked as a nanny, a nursery assistant and as a dance instructor before she got engaged to Prince Charles. Kate graduated from St Andrews and then worked as an accessory buyer for a clothing store.

4.Good taste in fashion: 

Impeccable taste seems to be a royal family trait. While some overlap may seem natural but their styles match too frequently to be a mere coincidence. Both of them love lace sleeves dresses, they have a similar white & gold dress which Diana wore to a banquet with German ambassador in 1986 Kate wore hers at a 2012 dinner in Malaysia. The duchess regularly wears Diana’s favorite designer, Catherine Walker. Kate wore the same pink colored coat with black buttons to visit the Stephen Lawrence Center in 2015 that Diana wore to the Abbeyfield Society annual meeting. Maybe Kate has Diana’s wardrobe and she uses it or maybe she is inspired by Diana’s fashion sense.

5.They wear the same jewelry: 

They both received the same engagement ring but Kate is admired by people for her iconic tiara, the Cambridge Lover’s Knot. The Queen gave her daughter-in-law the famous diamond & pearl topper and it still gets attention today. 

6.They pose the exact same way:

Yes, when you are the center of attention you learn how to pose in pictures but they both mastered how to sit with knees and ankles together (never crossed) with one leg tilted. It is known as the duchess slant.

7.Family comes first for them: 

Diana had two kids while Kate has three. They are both loving mothers and they both surprised us by handling their kids responsibly even during traveling.

8.They love to help others: 

Diana and Kate had made helping others their priority. The princess gave spotlight to issues like HIV/AIDS, landmines and leprosy while the Duchess is working on mental illnesses in her charity Heads Together.

9.Their love for skiing:

Diana and Kate both love skiing and they also like to stand out against the white snowy slops in a red coat.

10.Universally loved:

 It is no secret that people love them and why wouldn’t they? Their generosity and spirits set them apart. They have the best set of jewelry with stunning outfits. They can pull off any outfit. Moreover, their kind nature and respect for every culture makes people love them ever more.