10 Heartbreaking Facts You Didn’t Know About Lady Diana 

Diana, Princess of Wales captivated the world while she married into the British Royal family. Her humility, grace, and charity quickly made her “The people’s Princess” and one of the most loved public figures in the world. Even though she met a sad end, Princess Diana will usually be remembered for her kindness and philanthropy. Her life interestingly too involves some facts even her biggest fans might not be aware of. These include:


1. Weight of Crown

Princess Diana revealed in a famous interview that her life at the palace was a nightmare, as she was suffering from depression but no one would listen or help her. Instead, they would consider it an act of attention-seeking.


2. A Princess’ Pain

Princess Diana was suffering from mental illness. It was depression, a kind of self ashamed as she explained that she didn’t like herself because she was ashamed. To cope with the pain, she would harm herself, a kind of self-punishment to get herself better.


3. The Heartbreak

Princess Diana had an unusually close relationship with her bodyguard Barry Mannakee. When he was forced to let go of after a year, it broke her heart because she was deeply in love with someone.


4. A Dream Outgrown

Diana dreamed of becoming a ballerina. However, life had other plans in store for the Princess. She was too tall for the dream to catch up. But, she persisted to laud the English National Ballet.


5. Unhappy Home

The Princess said that her dad and mom divorced due to dishonest and, even worse, bodily abuse. After their marriage ended, Diana was sent away to boarding school. She was just 12 years old.


6. Not a Good Student

Diana could not do well academically; twice she failed the O-level exams. In the end, she was dropped out of school while she was only 16.


7. Her Secret Battle

Princess Diana was suffering from an eating disorder. She explained that it was because she was struggling with mental illness, a kind of depression.


8. Not Afraid of Hard Work

Princess Diana took a series of low paying jobs after finishing school when she was a teenager and moved to London, where she did something that would make the royal family shock.


9. Less extravagant

It has been a Royal tradition that the Royal brides are given custom made engagement rings with an unusually high cost but Diana selected her less extravagant ring from the catalog.


10. Dangerous Fall

Princess Diana was 12 weeks pregnant when she happened to suffer a terrible accident. It happened that the princess fell down the staircase and sustained serious bruises but fortunately, her fetus, the future heir to the throne remained unharmed.